Calendar & Schedule

Scheduling staff and making sure tasks are completed on time can be a difficult chore. Trackops offers a powerful scheduling and event system that will keep you on top of the tasks at hand, making it easier to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time, and nothing falls through the cracks!

Drag and Drop Calendar

A master calendar makes company wide event management easy. Staff can have their own personal calendars as well.

See Who's Available

When assigning staff to events, you can check their availability by using the integrated scheduling system.

Create and Assign Tasks

Tasks can easily be assigned to your cases and staff. Track task completion on a case or from the master task list.

Receive Alerts

You can set email and SMS alerts on events and tasks so your staff are notified about their upcoming responsibilities.

Case Agenda

The case agenda provides an easy to read view of all upcoming events and tasks. There is a master agenda as well.

Multiple Calendar Views

You can display your events by month, week, day, or agenda views. Great for getting a detailed look into your events!