Clients & Contacts

Trackops makes organizing your clients and contacts simple. You can consolidate companies with multiple locations under one client profile providing easy access to vital information and pinpoint accurate statistics. Don't get lost in the paper shuffle; let Trackops keep track of client organization for you so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Give Your Clients Online Access

Give your customers online access to manage their entire case load through your company. They can easily request cases, upload files, create updates and more without the need for phone calls, e-mails, or faxes.

Smart Client Profiles

Consolidate companies with multiple locations under one profile. Then you can organize your contacts under each location, which makes it easy to find the client information you're looking for.

Store Important Client Policies

Store your client's important case and billing policies on their profiles. These policies will automatically be attached to their cases and invoices for your staff to review.

Third-Party Affiliates

You can link clients together using the affiliate feature. This allows you to provide access for both parties on the same case. Great for your clients' attorneys!

Setup Custom Pricing

When you negotiate special pricing arrangements with your clients, it's important to track those adjustments to make sure your clients are billed appropriately. Trackops allows you to enter custom pricing for your clients, so when you create invoices, the right price is used every time.

Assign Salespeople

You can assign salespeople to clients, client offices, or even directly to a client contact. Salespeople are automatically attached to their clients' cases, making it easy to track sales and statistics.