Invoicing & Expenses

From invoicing to tracking time and expenses, Trackops has you covered with our tightly integrated and easy-to-use financial package. Your staff can easily submit and track their case time and expenses online. When it comes time to invoice your customer, you'll be able to convert all billable time and expenses into an invoice with a click of a button!

Professional Looking Invoices

Trackops generates great looking invoices branded with your logo. You can automatically convert your invoices into PDFs and email them to your clients.

Automatic Payment Reminders

Set it and forget it! Trackops automates late payment reminders, so you can save time collecting from delinquent clients.

Convert Expenses Into Invoices

Convert your billable time and expenses into an invoice with a single click. Creating invoices has never been easier!

Retainer Management

You can track retainers for your clients, and then record retainer draws as payments on invoices.

Submit Time & Expenses Online

Trackops enables your staff to submit their time and expenses online without the need for manual calculations or paper documents.

Fast Expense Approval

Quickly review and approve expenses with just a few clicks. Expenses are available for review immediately upon submission from your staff.

Generate Payment Slips

Reimbursing for expenses is easy with our payment slip feature. Just select a range of approved expenses, and then generate payment slips to track exactly what's being reimbursed and how much you're paying each staff member.

Determine Profit Margins

Did you make or lose money on a case? It's easy to find out with Trackops. At a quick glance, you can see your profit margins and other important financial statistics.