Stay Organized with Trackops

Don't get lost in the paper shuffle. With Trackops, every detail of every case is organized and streamlined for easy collaboration in a digital file. Important case details, along with client communication, videos and documents, and financial data are readily available, easy to manage, and easy to share.

Case overview

Scheduling with Confidence

Find the best available investigators using the Trackops recommendation engine and ensure evenly distributed work across your team. Optionally invite investigators and vendors to provide their availability and let them determine which assignments they can work. Automatically notify investigators of new assignments, changes to existing scheduled assignments, and upcoming assigments.

Case map

Powerful Video Processing

With the Trackops video processing application, investigators can easily drag and drop videos of any type and have them automatically processed, timestamped, and uploaded into Trackops. Smart tools allow staff to create clips, generate merged videos, and capture stills with ease.

Video app

Mobile Apps For Investigators

The Trackops mobile app provides an easy to use interface for the most important Trackops features that investigators use every day. With features like task management, time & expenses, and mobile check-ins, it's easy for investigators to stay on top of their game!

Mobile app

Simple Time & Expense Tracking

Allow employees to quickly and easily submit time and expenses for approval on each day they work. Custom time and expense items allow for unique pricing, detailed item tracking, pre-configured descriptions, and comprehensive reporting. Automatically track time and distance using the Trackops Mobile App to save time and increase accuracy.

Time expenses

Easy Document Generation

Generate final reports, letters, and other standardized documents that include live case data with the click of a button. Our unique templating system supports your existing Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Open Office templates. Integrating Trackops into the templates you use every day makes life easier for investigators and support staff. You'll speed up report writing and reduce errors across the board!


Seamless Billing

Convert billable time and expenses into professional looking invoices with a single click. Easy customization of client price lists and invoicing rules makes the accurate generation of invoices a breeze. Email your invoices and use automated payment reminders to keep up with aging accounts. Integrated finance tools allow for real-time invoice estimates and profitability reporting across your entire case load.


Detailed Auditing and Reporting

With over 30 reports and auditing tools, you'll be able to measure company performance, financials, and other statistical analysis with pinpoint accuracy. Track licenses, certifications, and company policies to ensure investigators are fully in compliance and ready to work.

Report chart

Integrated Calendaring Throughout

Trackops offers centralized calendaring and scheduling tools that will keep you on top of the tasks at hand, making it easier to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time. Audit tasks and events through a master calendar and schedule with multiple views. Organize and color code activities across your entire team, making it easy to handle case loads of any size!


What our customers have to say...

Our company’s core business is providing nationwide vendor management programs to our clients; therefore, we need a system that is reliable, user friendly, secure, and can be customized to our business objectives. Trackops provides the ability to access the system in real time, track cases, store digital evidence, maintain proactive communication with staff and clients, track expenses, generate invoices, and extract invaluable analytical information to help management with compliance, projections, and planning. Our company would highly recommend Trackops.
Jim Wesson
JD Wesson & Associates
Though I was apprehensive and skeptical about moving our "system" over to Trackops, I must say that after using it, I can no longer even call what we used to use a "system". Trackops saves times and is extremely efficient. The flat rate cost allows small companies the opportunity to offer a service that in the past was only offered by larger organizations with in house tech people.
Warren Gerstein
S.K.I. Investigations
Truthfully, I am not sure how we ever functioned without Trackops. We are a smaller, regional firm experiencing considerable growth and Trackops is facilitating that growth while allowing us to limit the need for new office personnel and increased overhead.
Darrell Cox
Alliance Investigations

Can I try before I subscribe?

Yes. Trackops offers a 15-day free trial with no obligations. During your trial, we'll even assist you with system configuration, best practices, and employee training free of charge!

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes. Once you're on a paid plan, you can change or cancel your plan at any time. You can also increase or reduce the number of full access staff accounts you're paying for as well.

Can I trust Trackops with my data?

Yes. We go to great lengths to ensure that your data is protected from external threats. What's more, Trackops is not derived from an investigative agency, so we have no interest in your data besides keeping it safe and secure.

Am I locked into a contract?

No, your Trackops service is provided on a month to month basis. If you decide to cancel your account there are no penalties or additional fees.

Does Trackops offer free Support?

Absolutely! In addition to a number of self-help materials, including how-to articles and training videos, we also offer phone, email and remote desktop support free of charge for all subscription levels!

Does Trackops assist non-profits?

Yes. Trackops is proud of the work that non-profit organizations do. We offer a base subscription to any qualifying non-profit organization free of charge.